At ideamagix, we offer a comprehensive range of Web development services

We are a full-stack Branding, Website Development, App Development, web designing, Digital marketing and Wordpress Development company in Mumbai Thane with all the expertise you need to build a successful, stable and scalable product. We follow our tried and tested processes that ensures that the product is a marketfit, and hence your marketing and technology partner.

Web Designing

It is a true form of art. The most important segment of web designing is ascertaining the layout of the website. Our Expert desginers have worked with numerous industries and have delivered 1500 websites globally which have been appreciated for creativity and uniqueness. Our designers integrate into development teams to create designs that anticipate and adapt to change. Get the best results from the latest technologies used.

Ideamagix is a full-stack web designing company in mumbai thane for providing custom web designs for market leaders, growing and emerging businesses with technology at their core.

Ideamagix - website development
Ideamagix - website development

Web Development

When it comes to build your brand's online presence, web site is the first step. It is available 24x7x365 without any boundaries and limitations. It isn't just an online brochure but a platform for your clients and leads to take you seriously. Hence, your website must manifest the nature of your brand. When it comes to e-commerce, consumers tend to make the decision to purchase after viewing the website first. Studies have shown businesses with good websites make as much as 70% more business than those with none.

  • Our websites are cross browser and mobile compatible.
  • We develop Search Engine Optimised - SEO friendly websites.
  • Our websites are tailor made as per client requirements.
  • Our websites have 100% uptime and we use cloud servers.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a strategic technique to promote brands online through targeted, measurable and interactive marketing using digital technology to convert leads into customers and to retain them. Digital marketing is ubiquitous, customers have access to information, any time-any where.

Customers want to know what the people are talking about the brand than what company talks about itself. They are looking for brands they can trust and have one-on-one conversations with. That is more personalized and relevant, and shopping offers customised to their needs and requirements. Digital media is relatively cheap, compared to traditional media, making it much more accessible.

Ideamagix - digital marketing
Ideamagix - app development

App Development

80% of the time spent on mobile devices is spent using apps. - Flurry

The average time spent by people on their phones in last 3 years has increased to almost 500%. Mobile phones are an integral part of most people's lifestyle.

Therefore, apps are becoming the dominant form of digital interaction. When your brand has an app you are easily accessible, here is how it helps you

  • Build loyalty and reinforce your brand.
  • Increase your visibility, accessibility, sell-through and exposure across mobile devices.
  • Connect you with on-the-go consumers and make fast, seamless appointment scheduling.

IT Strategy & Consulting

Our expertise in analytics, technology, marketing, digital, strategy making, etc. Can help your idea become a crowds favorite. We bring to the take novel ideas and creative vision.

    Here are some of the ways in which we can help:

  • Digital Marketing.
  • Unique and Innovative Perspective.
  • Understanding your ideas and presenting it in an aesthetic way.
  • We don't settle for average.
  • Insightful Views.
  • Consulting converting to implementation.
  • Sustainablity.
Ideamagix - IT Strategy & Consulting
Ideamagix - Branding & Multimedia Designing

Branding & Multimedia Designing

There are many businesses, but not every business is a brand. Brand is what makes a business stand a 'class' apart. It is what pulls people to your business. Branding is all about the business, the vision, the philosophy of the people behind the business.

We at ideamagix realise the value of the brand and help you in your endeavor from graphic, logo, print, slogan to banners. We have been the force behind many startups and have helped them realise their brand value.

E-commerce Development

India's ecommerce market to breach $100 billion mark by FY20 - Goldman Sachs

If you are not selling online, you are losing your potential market. It's a well known fact that e-commerce is hot sector and it's getting lot of traction. Most of the audience online expect online ordering service from even the smallest businesses. Reports show that 65% expect small businesses to offer online shopping. With so many small and medium businesses already engaging in e-commerce, you could already be losing out to your competitors if you don’t sell online. Even people who don’t intend to shop online still research product information on a business’ website — 78% claimed they always compare prices and specifications online before purchasing a product in a store.

Ideamagix - E-commerce Development
Ideamagix - Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing helps you to connect with your target audience and also enhances engagement among your audience. Social Media Marketing is the right way to connect with your preffered audience and make an impact.

Social Media Marketing is the right way to connect with your preffered audience and make an impact. We know the value of an influential social media presence and we help our clients create and optimize content across all social media channels. Social Media Marketing helps you to connect with your target audience and also enhances engagement among your audience. Our team of experts will model ways and create best practices personalized for your brand. We step in to help you with the social media creation, management, execution and measurement, allowing you to keep creating amazing online presence.

Wordpress Development

Word press is the skeleton of our choice as it is user friendly, adaptable and clean. It can be used for as small and simple as creating a pamphlet to as complex as creating a website. Our team is highly skilled in the usage of WordPress and would give you the right platform to reach the top. The usage of WordPress can unravel limitless opportunities and reach.

At Ideamagix, we have developed all kinds of websites ranging from small blogging websites to large, complex Wordpress websites. Wordpress websites are friendly, adaptable and clean. Our team is highly skilled in the usage of WordPress and would give you the right platform to reach the top. The usage of WordPress can unravel limitless opportunities and reach. We are a leading web development company, which is deeply rooted in web designing and developing high-performance Wordpress websites. We always deliver a high-converting website with easy navigation, seamless user interface, scalability and responsive design to help our clients surge ahead of their competition.

Ideamagix - wordpress development
Ideamagix mock ups services

Mock-Ups Services

As it is said a picture is worth 1000 words likewise a fine representation can be considered a high profile visual design. We provide you with a custom made mock-up design to help you visualize the final version and help you envision, modify and find your perfect design.

We make the ultimate use of the wireframing concept as the main strategy to help reduce risk that comprise complex interactive systems. We create new-age designs in accordance with your brand philosophy and client objectives. We design appealing visuals in congruence with the technology. At Ideamagix we follow elegance in mobile app, website, logo mockup design (ux/ui) service process.

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