Ideamagix' success is directly linked to our partnerships. In our partnership programme, we support the evolving needs of our partners and their customers expectations. Our partners are best in doing what they do best and we collaborate with them as part of the fulfillment team.

Our Viewpoint

When different companies work together, the understanding of industry-specific challenges is deepened. As a business, your investment in digital marketing is overriding and calls for higher ROI just like any other investment. This fact makes it essential for a business like yours to have a digital agency that you can trust. With the Google Partner badge, we give you the trust you are seeking in a digital marketing partner.

The key for a great partnership

Transparency makes this work. We don’t hide our partners or their services. In fact, we introduce them and make sure you know who they are. We’re proud they choose to partner with us. Our experience shows that this transparent approach improves communication and efficiency. We believe every success is a great point to start the journey to the next goal. This eliminates redundancy and the extra effort that can often occur when trying to work with multiple agencies.


As digital marketing specialists, we partner with other leading agencies to enhance their own client offerings, improving results across the board. And this integrated approach guarantees success for everyone:

  • Our clients’ users receive an exceptional user experience, improved brand communication and easier access to the products or services they love.
  • Our clients get all the services, analytics, marketing automation, and digital marketing expertise to make their campaigns succeed.
  • Providing more rounded digital solutions for your clients means exceptional results with incomparable service.
  • Working with digital marketing specialists that will partner with you and your clients to form a collaborative team.
  • Opportunities to educate your own team on digital marketing at Ideamagix' exclusive partner events.
  • Receive completely customized digital marketing solutions to align with your clients’ business goals.
  • The opportunity to earn a commission for every referred client.

Let's Collaborate

As for us, we get to do what we love. It’s a win-win-win-win!
If you’re an agency with clients that require customized digital marketing solutions across SEO, PPC, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, content marketing or something else, contact us.

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