Italian Trade Agency

Case Study Details

The Client

The Italian Trade Agency (I.C.E. in Italian) is a public body with the task of promoting, facilitating and developing Italian commercial trade with other countries in the world, supporting the internationalization of Italian firms and their consolidation in foreign markets. I.C.E. activities are financed by public funds with the Ministry of Economic Development providing both directives and supervision, and, to a lesser extent, by the companies that use its promotional services in terms of advice, information and assistance.


Italia India




WordPress, Google Analytics


jQuery, MySQL, PHP, WordPress

The Project

The company wanted to redesign & redevelop their existing website : The aim was to create a clean, contemporary and responsive website for the Indian arm of the Italian Trade Agency, that would be coherent with the organization’s vision and mission. They were looking for a website easy to navigate and use, and that would contain all required information in the simplest deliverable format.

The project is design and development of a simple, good looking website, with a proper layout which is optimized for laptops, PCs, tablets and mobile phones (across browsers) to facilitate reach and conversion.

The Challenges

  • The older version of the website was not responsive, had outdated visual design.
  • The website had lack of quality images, and confusing user journey and lack of clear signposting.
  • The launch of this new web site was a big milestone, for sure. We had to make the website ready to launch in just 15 days.
  • We had to make sure the site was very well backed up, and security measures were up to date.
  • Understanding the client’s distinct likes and dislikes and creating a flawless experience.
  • To nail down this project, meeting the site goals by designing and developing a website as per the client’s expectation.

The Solution

We built a dynamic website on a WordPress platform. The website is SEO friendly, Responsive with an easy content management system (for quick and easy updates) and Contains forms/bots for companies interested in contacting ITA.

Crafted the User Experience

Before starting the design & development, a Pre-Project Website Design Checklist was sent to the client. Our team, in consultation with yours, did an in-depth analysis as per the scope of work and related supporting documents, such that each process linked to the final preparation of the website was clearly understood. A comprehensive, detailed brief, guiding document for the project was provided by the client. We went over the guidelines, examined the documents our client had sent and, researched the competition.

Created the user interface

Based on the requirements and concepts, the HOME PAGE design was worked out depending on the reference sites shared. The UI included visual, interactive elements of an interface, including buttons, icons, spacing, typography, color schemes, and responsive design. The design was approved in the first go with some minor alterations.

Developed the website

Once the home page was finalized and approved, the inside pages were developed, on the similar lines based on the sitemap of the project. The elements designed in the previous steps were utilized to code on the site to make it function and run smoothly.

Technology Stack

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